In 2020, in order to implement integrated systems and with the aim of transformation, organization and coordination between its subsidiaries, Arta Group started a special joint stock company for the development of Arta digital management systems under the brand name Arta System in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). . Since then, Arta System has been working with regular and continuous planning and training and providing operational solutions for the establishment and implementation of SAP/ERP and in bilateral cooperation with the expert managers of companies under the Arta Group. Arta System is proud to have a team of internal experienced specialists with experience in implementing ERP-SAP software in Various industries include: implementation, deployment, training and consulting.
The importance and necessity of establishing and integrating organizational systems in industries caused Arta Group to launch the SAP project in its subsidiary companies through the specialized and powerful team of Arta System (active in the implementation and deployment of SAP/ERP). In this regard, after months of effort and planning by Arta System’s specialized team, as well as the training of managers and experts of Arta Group companies, the live project of SAP (Integrated Enterprise Resource Management System) was implemented and completed on April 20, 2023, with the presence of the CEO, managers and senior experts.
Based on this, the SAP ERP S/4 HANA system in various industries of Arta Group, including: petrochemical industries (Arta Energy), printing and packaging industries (Arta Plast), cellulose industries (Artapan) and Arta Industrial Estates (Engineering and construction, welfare, car services) were fully implemented and established. The scope of the organizational processes project in all Arta Group companies includes: engineering processes, planning, supply, production, warehouse, quality, maintenance and repairs, sales, financial accounting and cost, recruitment and employment, organizational chart, attendance and absence, Salaries and wages.
Also, Arta System Company has benefited from this potential for implementation in companies outside the holding and is working as a company supervising the implementation of the SAP project in Isfahan Petro-Refinery Holding. With the initiative of the senior managers of Arta Group in launching Arta System Company, the group of consultants of this company is ready to benefit from the expert team, known and committed to customer values ​​in various industrial fields as one Be one of the best implementation teams in Iran