ARTA Industrial Group was established in 1980 by constructing of Arta Moquette factory and inspired by creative and high thoughts of its founders and expanded its activities in some part of textile industry until it established Arta Alyaf company (1991) Arta Tak company (1974) and Arta Tuft (1996) and produced products such as PP (Polypropylene) yarns and BCF polyester and polyamide and Tufting and printed carpets and achieved great success. It established special industrial town with the area of 45 hectares in Ardabil province in order to activities development and constructing factories for producing film and printing cellulose products.

So that in 1383 ARTA PLAST Company was established in order to producing of multilayer film and roll printing. The machineries of the company have latest technology of the day and produces high quality products having high equipped laboratory. These products are used in food packaging and petro chemistry.

From other sections of production we can note resin production plant, paper impregnation factory with the name of Arta Decor that are used in lamination of MDF an HDF sheets and also Parquet factory that provide for market the name of  Arta Clic are some important activities of  Arta industrial group.

Parquet is produced by this group for the first time in Iran and it has high quality and follows national and international standards.

ARTAPAN co. was established in 2009 with capacity of production of daily 700 cubic-meters for producing of MDF and HDF raw sheets HDF and MDF melamine and chipboard sheets.

From other Subsidiary companies of ARTA industrial group we can note to Arta Energy company in field of power producing with using wind energy (reproducible) and gas powerhouse and Arta Tech Motor as exclusive representative of  Italian Maserati automobile in Iran.

It shall be noted that considering span activity of subsidiary companies of Arta industrial group and high quality of the products in previous years and now this company received appreciation bred and various awards and statute from top officials of country or other officials of the province that is honorable for Arta industrial group.