Arta Moquette

Arta Moquette Company with more than a quarter of a century of experience in the field of producing all kinds of carpets and yarns and fibers such as: felt carpets, printed velor, long pile tufting carpets and printed long pile tufting along with innovation in tufting technology and benefiting from the lamination system and product offering It has strong and inseparable layers of PP and printed polyamide and produces and supplies IPEK. Most Arta carpet products are 100% washable and insulated against water, humidity, odor and dirt. These features make Arta Moquette products suitable for home use, office and commercial places, hotels and conference halls. Also, during its years of activity, Arta Moquette has always been among the best in Iran by producing all kinds of floor carpets and producing all kinds of textile fibers, heat-set and frozen yarns, and producing textile raw materials, keeping up with the technology of the world and exporting its various products to Significant successes have been achieved.

Arta Moquette by producing various products such as: types of yarn and fibers (BCF yarn, heat set and freeze (PP, polyamide and polyester) and PP fibers, polyester) types of carpets (felt, tufting and long pile carpets, printed felt, printed tufting, children’s room, sideboard, carpet, car, hotel), all kinds of carpets and rugs, artificial grass (suitable for landscaping and sports fields), carpet tile (the latest type of carpet suitable for spaces with high traffic such as commercial centers, airports, offices, Banks, companies, restaurants or even residential houses), LVT flooring (for the first time in Iran and exclusively in dimensions of 20 x 120 cm and also dimensions of 47 x 47 cm, insulation against heat, sound, water and moisture and no termite production in the areas (Tropical and Humid) Arta Moquette produces and supplies quality products in accordance with domestic and foreign standards with certification from ISO International Organization for Standardization, European EN Standard, CE Mark, Occupational Health Organization and OHSAS Safety Management Systems and National Organization of Iranian Governors.