Arta Energy Company, a sub-group of Arta Industrial Group, was created in line with the expansion of Arta Industries and with the aim of completing the production chain of cellulose products and supplying the raw materials needed by the products of Arta factories and other consumers. The goal of Arta Energy is to provide infrastructure for the production of various petrochemical products. Arta Energy factory has been set up in the deprived area of Namin in Ardabil province.Investing and building a methanol production unit with a capacity of 132,000 tons per year and the required ancillary services (such as demining water, steam, nitrogen, air, etc.) on a land of 10 hectares in the Arta Energy industrial town, using An internationally renowned licensor and provision of modern and advanced equipment from foreign vendors will be used. All project activities in different departments of EPCC, such as basic and detailed design of utility units as well as detailed design of process units, provision of all equipment and items from the most reputable foreign and domestic companies, as well as implementation and installation of all activities in the construction phase of the project with diligence And the engineers and specialists of Arta Industrial Complex have been working around the clock and in the very near future we will witness the exploitation of this national project in Ardabil province.

On the other hand, in order to reduce environmental pollutants, this company has taken steps to recover carbon dioxide from the reformer chimney output, and built a CDR unit to convert the recycled CO2 product into methanol, which will have a significant effect on increasing the capacity of this process unit. With the construction of the mentioned unit, Arta Energy Petrochemical Company, as the first green plant methanol production unit in the country, will play a significant role in reducing pollutants in the environment.

Arta Industrial Group, as one of the leaders of the country’s industry with more than 50 years of brilliant experience in the field of cellulose production, intends to build a hydrogen peroxide production unit with nominal annual production capacity of 100 tons per year in order to meet the needs of the country’s industry for this valuable product.

Another unit of Arta Industrial Town is the production unit of formalin and polymer resins, which is being operated and produced with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year. This company is determined to increase the nominal production capacity of formalin up to 283,000 thousand tons per year by building a new plan, which will fulfill an important part of the requirements of Arta Industrial Group companies and other consumers in the field of formalin and resin production. Used in the manufacture of raw MDF sheets, it will be supplied and fulfilled.

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