For development and completion of the cellulose products manufacturing chain and supplying the requirements of Arta Pan Company and also the other consumers to Methanol gas, Arta Energy company performed the new investment in a land with an area about 20 hectares in Arta Energy complex to produce the petrochemical products and sub-products and the relevant derivatives such as Methanol, Ammonia, Acetic Acid and so on; designing and the preliminary studying are performed and the best modern and advanced equipments are chosen for its establishment and it is under construction.

By triggering this manufacturing section, the main part of Arta Pan Company requirement to Formalin and Resin production which are applied to manufacture the MDF sheets will be supplied. From the other manufacturing parts of this company is manufacturing the Formalin and Polymeric Resin that can indicate to its ability to produce 50.000 tons of urea-formaldehyde and melamine formaldehyde yearly which will be applied in impregnation units to melamine the colored sheets for MDF and HDF sheets coating and chipboard. In addition to the existing of purchase capacity, the second Formalin production line with the capacity of 150.000 tons yearly will be able to manufacture the amount of 200.000 tons Formalin annual.