Preserving the Earth
Preserving the Future

Arta Energy Company has used all its efforts to reduce the environmental effects of the industry and in line with the 50th principle of the Constitution for the protection of the environment, while establishing wide relations with the interested parties and applying environmental standards, indicators and quantitative and qualitative criteria. has put continuous monitoring of the environment on the agenda.

Now environmental protection has become one of the most strategic tools of modern business and customer needs have created an opportunity to revive environmental resources in competitive pressures. A healthy environment is a platform for prosperity and sustainable production, and neglecting the environment and valuable resources that have been given to the human race for free will cause irreparable damage to the earth, the planet, and the only refuge of humans and all living beings.

Establishing an environmental management system, in addition to guaranteeing the preservation and improvement of the environment, in terms of controlling and reducing unnecessary waste and recycling valuable materials, is also significant from an economic point of view, because it reduces production costs and, as a result, prices It will be finished products



Arta pan Company, a subsidiary of Arta Industrial Group, in line with social responsibility and preserving the environment and in order to complete the value chain of its products, including MDF, HDF and chipboard, has added wood farming to its industries since 2018 by constructing a forest and cultivating fast-growing forest trees. . The construction of 10,400 hectares of forest and the annual production of one million three hundred and sixty thousand tons of wood, the annual production of 16 million spruce saplings from improved cultivars, the employment of four thousand people in the Arta pan complex, in addition to the prosperity of production and employment, in the environmental dimensions of excellent services Especially in the field of increasing forest per capita, it will bring green space, temperature adjustment, climate improvement, as well as soil preservation and prevention of erosion and invasion of fine dust.