Arta Plast

Arta Plast Factory is one of subsidiaries of Arta industrial complex that established with the goal of polymers films in order to packing industries in Namin in Ardabil province in 2003 and it starts its activities as the first producer of 5 layer and printing films.

Having the most modern machineries and technology, Today this company as the biggest producer of 3 layers and 5 layers Polyethylene films for packing in health, food, medicine, engineering, medical, petrochemical and diary industries with most equipped 10 color Flexo printing machine with ability of printing on types of films and packing wrappers (PE, BOPP, PET, PVC, OPA, PA) and complementary relevant services.

Obtaining license No. gh/194-8692 from ministry of Health, treatment and medical education, Arta Plast Co. with implementation of management system and ISO 2008 &2009, received standard badge in field of Polyethylene films and producing of daily more than 30tones types of multilayer Polyethylene films. And took long step toward providing of needs of domestic markets and brilliant presence in exporting markets.

Currently, in line with the growth and expansion of Arta Group during more than forty years of industrial activity, Arta Plast Company is the oldest company of this group, in order to increase its exploitation in all production, financial and administrative sectors and in all fields of the group. Arta isolation and. It has become independent. By designing, launching and deploying the ERP and SAP system at the beginning of 1402, a change was found based on the structure of Arta Plast company. In the following, due to the increase and high demand of the target customers, in the second half of 1401, the sales market with the new personnel of Arta stores will be increased to three day shifts.

Arta Group intends to deploy this process in order to increase productivity in all its production units. With the ability of mass production in the printing and packaging industries and the production of packaging wrappers for the food and pharmaceutical industries, Arta Plast company succeeded in improving the production record with this machine by printing more than 40 thousand kilometers of rolls with only one flexo printing machine.