Arta Plast Company has one of the biggest factories of multi layer Polyethylene film producing. Having 3 & 5 layer (EVOH) Polyethylene Polyamide and beryr films, this company is equipped with Germany Windmüller machineries …

Page No. 9And is able to produce film with various thicknesses between 20 up to 250 micron and width of maximum 2200 mm in form sheet and 44000 mm in form of tube.

Types of produced films by company are as follows:

1-5 layers film with EVOH layer or Polyamide:Suitable for packing of products with Long term durability and thermoforming package and laminate and industrial and petrochemical consumption .

2-3 and 5 layers Pre-Pack film: Suitable dairy products

3-Special films for packing Cellulose and health  products

4-For packing : FFS In petrochemical equipped to Ambushing Gasting

5-Shrink pack films: Suitable for food industries and industrial shrink

6-Laminate films  for Du pack and sachet

7-Protection films: Suitable for covering of metal, steel and composite sheets and building and industrial profiles

8-General films for  environmental advertising and producing Promotional handbag

طراحی آرتاپلاست

Enjoying designing experienced experts and advanced systems in field of designing and photography in order to free consulting services in field of printing and packing etc

Performing services related to designing In the shortest possible time is one of important activities of this unit.


Machineries of this unit have the ability of cutting of polymer wrappers such as PET, BOPP, PE, paper, aluminum foil etc in various widths (3 up to 130 cm)

Made by PSA Company of Germany with ability of cutting of 600 meters per minute.



Printing central Cylinder 10 Colors Flexo up to the width of 1300 mm on types of wrappers (PE, BOPP, PET, PVC, AI, OPA, PA) and using the most modern machineries and technology of the day of the Europe made in Fischer & Krecke (German company) with plenty of Slive variations from 380 mm up to 1020 mm with trim and image printing capabilities.


The two-layer and three-layer heat seal and cold seal laminates are performed for the types of films and wrappers with the different solidity and for introduction of the combined films with the superior properties with the laminate glues of Italy with the speed of 400 m / min; Nordmeccanica the solvent base and the base without solvent by the equipped sets of this part of the company construction; also this set is able to glue the backside of the protector films of the sheets and the constructional composite profiles.



By having the equipped laboratory facilities, this section performs the quality control tests and evaluation the packing plastics properties with the England traction test sets SYSTECH, manufactured by ZWICK company of Germany and the determination the amount of Oxygen infiltration sets manufactured by (OTR) and the damp (WVTR) manufactured by the SYSTECH company of Englang.  Meanwhile the inspectors of the quality control of this section are controlling all the raw materials, the process duration and the final products in boarding form.


This unit is equipped to the high speed lines of the promotional bags and packs with the reinforced thermal, gluey and strap handles and also this section is able to sew the vacuumed packs in three-sides form.


It is provided the possibility of four-color printing on the special films such as FFS together with the sidelong facilities such as Gusseting and Embossing.

The equipped sets of this part, manufactured by Wind Moller Company of Germany and are able to open and close the rolls with the diameters up to 1500 mm.