Arta Tech Motor

Arta Tech Motor Company was founded as a subset of Arta Industrial Group in 2011. After that, the negotiations with the Italian Maserati company and their representatives began by examining the business performance of Arta Tech Motor Company and other candidates for representation and visiting the Iranian market and the capabilities and resources of the companies. Finally, the Maserati company made its decision to enter into an exclusive agency contract with Arta Tech Motor Company and this contract was signed by the parties.

In addition, Arta Tech Motor Company met the needs of Maserati Company by attracting expert managers in the fields of marketing management, sales and after-sales services of international luxury cars and other advanced organizational structures. One of the important decision points of the companies that own international luxury cars is the commitment of their representatives to maintain and improve the value of the brand and, more importantly, a far-sighted and long-term view of customer service.

Maserati company considered both cases in its decision to sign a contract with Arta Tech Motor Company. In this regard, the managers of Arta Tech Motor Company have a continuous relationship with Maserati and its representatives, and all activities of the company in the Iranian market in the field of marketing and sales, personnel training, after-sales service and communication with customers are in full coordination and according to the standards of Maserati.