Arta Pan

In recent years, factors such as population growth and urbanization and the subsequent upward trend in building construction have caused an increase in the demand for wooden products. In this regard, Arta Group founded the Arta pan factory in 2009 in order to provide part of the society’s needs and to complete the domestic production chain of cellulose products. At this time, Arta pan company entered the production cycle of wood industry by producing MDF, HDF and chipboard. The combination of creativity and skill of expert and experienced employees along with modern equipment and high technology made Arta pan compact paper and chipboard with a quality that can compete with foreign products in the market. Some of these sheets are supplied in raw form to the domestic and foreign markets; Another part is processed in the factories of Arta Industrial Complex in the form of products such as laminated raw sheets, MDF and decowall profiles, coated papers, chipboard, melamine and laminate parquet.


Currently, the products of Arta pan’s cellulose industries with the brand names Arta clic (laminate parquet), Mattexa and glosstex (MDF), Forma (cornice and decowall) and Arta Decor (coated papers) have achieved a special position in the domestic and foreign markets. Among these products, Arta Decor produces and supplies melamine formaldehyde (MF) and urea formaldehyde (UF) resins for impregnating decorative papers. Currently, Arta pan has one of the largest decorative paper coating lines for laminating MDF, HDF, LDF and chipboard boards in the standard and required dimensions of the country. CPL and HPL sheets, sheets with heat and humidity resistant coating have also been provided so that they will soon enter the chain of Arta pan cellulose products.


Also, Arta Pan company is the first manufacturer of laminate parquet in Iran under the Arta Click brand and the mass production capacity of 10,000,000 square meters per year is known as a high-quality, affordable brand in competition with similar foreign products throughout Iran.




With the aim of acting socially responsible and in order to complete the value-added chain of its products, including MDF, HDF and chipboard, since 2018, by constructing a forest and cultivating fast-growing forest trees, Arta pan has also added wood farming to its industries. The construction of 10,400 hectares of forest and the annual production of one million three hundred and sixty thousand tons of wood, the annual production of 16 million spruce saplings from modified varieties, the employment of four thousand people in the Arta pan complex, in addition to the prosperity of production and employment, also in environmental dimensions, great services will bring benefits especially in the field of increasing per capita forest, green space, temperature adjustment, climate improvement as well as soil preservation and prevention of erosion and invasion of fine dust.

Arta Pan company has a well-equipped laboratory and expert and experienced personnel. In this laboratory, the quality of the products is fully monitored and controlled to ensure compliance with international standards in addition to national standards. 

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