Arta Pan

Also second line of raw sheet of MDF and HDF is on agenda of Arta industrial group to changr to one of biggest production line of MDF and HDS in the country.

Arta Pan Company has an equipped laboratory and expert personnel. The quality of products are under consideration evaluate it global standard meanwhile respecting national standards.Since human learnt to use the environment, he/she always use wood to provide the needs of the life. Wood and wooden products are pleased and used from old times because of creating relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

In latest years the Demographic factors, growing of building and increase of urbanization lead to increase of needs of wooden products. In this regard Arta industrial group established Artapan  in 2011 in order to providing some part of needs of society to this products and completing Cellulose products  production chain to produce MDF and HDF compressed sheet and chipboards. This factory has been constructed in private industrial town of Arta that has several of factories.

The machineries of factory have latest technology of the world that brought from European countries. Combination of creation and skills of expert personnel with modern machineries and high technology caused that we have high quality MDF and HDF in market. Some parts of these products are used in other factories of Arta laminating and some parts are represented to internal market.


Unbelievable satisfaction of consumers from products of Arta Pan and sensible change in taste of people in using wooden products, make the owners of capitals to produce new products from sheets with shiny cover (Hi-finity) in order to expand and diversify the products. Some particular of these sheets are Transparency, Brilliance and Its scratch-resistant. Refluxing of light made them beautiful and they create attractive atmosphere with having of various colors.