Arta Clic

Having 40 years background and modern facilities and equipments and high quality and expert engineers and personnel, Arta industrial group is pioneer in the line with Self-sufficiency in various industrial fields, especially in wood industry.

Arta Industrial group is winner of several foreign and domestic reliable awards as one of best of innovation in industrial development projects, entrepreneurship promoting, and creation of job opportunities. Accordingly this industrial group is considered as one of the premier brands in Iran and Asia.

One of the top scores of this group is variety of the products and Facilitate access to it that is produced by latest technology of the world. Our experiences and background caused to measure the needs of the market and produce laminate parquet by new investment with the name of Arta Clic.

Now we are known as first and sole producer of laminate parquet in Iran with mass production of 10,000,000 square meters in year.

Particulars of Arta clic products

  • National standard and CE European standard
  • Abrasion resistant according to AC4 and AC5 standard
  • Suitable for floor heating system consumption (water system)
  • Light, moisture, heat resistant
  • Anti-termites and malicious and vermin because of using resin in its structure
  • 20 years guarantee according to defined AC5 standard
  • 15 years guarantee according to defined AC4 standard
  • Innovation in design and color according to day technology of the world
  • Easy to access and send in whole territory of Iran (having representative in all provinces)
  • Rapid installation and easy maintenance