Breathing is the least our demands from the Earth

Arta Energy has applied all its efforts to decrease the environmental effects of the industry and based on the 50th principle of the Substitution to maintain the environment, put on the agenda the vast relationship with the respective parties and application the standards, indicators and the environmental qualitative and qualitative provisions and the continuous power of the environment.

Preserving the environment is one of the most strategic tools for modern business and these customers’ requirement in the competitive pressures will be an opportunity to revive the environmental resources. The health environment will be a bed for flourishing and stable production and inattention to the environment and it valuable free resources for man will create the irreparable hits to the land, planet earth and the only shelter for humans and other living things.

Creation the environmental management system, in addition to be guarantee the environment preservation and promotion, will be considerable in economical field in respect of controlling and decreasing the unnecessary disturbances and recycling valuable materials; because these cases will caused to decrease the manufacturing expenses and finally the definite price of the products.


In codification of the environmental policies of Arta Energy, the following cases are recommended to achieve the stable development:

  • Codification and application the environmental qualitative and qualitative standards, factors and provisions
  • The continuous power of environment and surveying the developmental activities to prevent the environmental injuries
  • Encouragement and simplification of the activities and compatible projects with the environment and prevention from the destructive activities
  • Promotion the environmental awareness and knowledge to achieve the stable utilization
  • Correction the production and consuming pattern with the purpose to decrease the non-essential consumption of the sources
  • The researches development to preserve, recognize and revive the environment
  • Evaluation the environmental affects and outcomes resulted from the activities of the complex
  • Creation the management system of the wastes and recycling development
  • Active attendance in the environmental regional, national and international cooperation
  • Considering the bio considerations and economical value of the natural resources in the production process