17th Festival of Printing Industry in 2017

During holding the 17th festival of the superior works and researches competitions of the state printing industry, Arta Plast Company is selected as the favorite unit of printing industry in the field of Flexo for the fifth consecutive year.

The termination time of this festival was held on Tuesday, 19,09,2017 by appreciating from the pioneers, practitioners and activists of printing industry and the chosen ones of the superior printing researches and work competitions.

The festival was began by lecture of Mr. Barazesh, as the director general of printing affairs of Ministry of Guidance and thereafter Mr. Saghaei as the agent of the referee committee discussed about the different topics.

The ceremony continues by appreciating from the country and provincial pioneers, introducing the creative unit, favorite unit of printing industry and … and finally Arta Plast Company is introduced as the favorite unit of printing industry and the field of Flexo among the more than 300 different works. For this purpose and for commemoration the managing Director of Arta Plast Company, Mr. Fathi Bitaraf has received the Simorgh printing Award from the minister, Mr. Dr. Seyed Abbas Salehi.