Formaldehyde is the most important commercial Aldehyde and the simplest member of the Aldehyde family and its chemical formula is (H2CO). This composition is known with the names of Methanol and Methylene oxide. In the room temperature is the colorless gas with the nasty smell and will be solved in water, alcohol and the other polar solvents easily of which 30% to 50% solvents in water will be used that known t the name of Formalin. In the industry, the major part of Formalin is providing from Methanol Catalytic Oxidation of which process catalysts are metal silver, iron oxide and Molybdenum. This composition is the most commonly used chemical material in industries and its application is in the coloring, resin making, disinfectant solution, fixative in the preparation of tissue samples, anatomic description and histology surveying and son on industries. The most commonly application of Formaldehyde is in the resin manufacturing. Those resins in which manufacturing the Formaldehyde is used are known as the phenol formaldehyde resin and Amino-resin (urea and melamine formaldehyde). Basically the formaldehyde resin is using as the glue in the industries of wooden manufacturing including the HDF, MDF and chipboard on making the isolator molded sponges.