Healthy Man in Healthy Working Place

 In the world which is going toward industrialization, healthy living in the world of sciences and technology is very important. Now, the motto of “Healthy Man in Healthy Working Place” is located as the frontispiece of the many industries. Arta Energy also make easy to achieve the aforesaid motto through moving in systematic framework and solidification of the safety management, health and environment (HSE) and according to these cases the company follow the activities as specified herein below:

  1. Prevention from the injuries and diseases resulted from working and maintenance from the employees’ health
  2. Upgrading the level of knowledge and awareness from the respective parties about the risks and healthy cases in working place.
  3. Promotion and improvement of the healthy conditions of the working, resting and residing places of the employees
  4. Recognizing and analyzing the injuries and disease to prevent and control them.

Also these activities are for preserving and promoting the level of physical, mental and social health of the employees and are including the following cases:

  • Working Place Health (Professional Heath): it is consist of prevention, recognition, evaluation and controlling the harmful factors of the working place including the physical, chemical, biological, mental and agronomical factors
  • Health of working is including the foodstuff health, restaurant and foods cooking place health and water health, wastewater and waste disposal health and so on.
  • The public health is including the public places health, controlling of insects and rodents and prevention from transmission of contagious diseases and …