Methanol or Methyl Alcohol which also recognized to the name of wood alcohol is a chemical composition with the formula of (CH3OH) and it is the simplest known alcohol and is available in light, volatile, colorless and flammable fluid form. In petrochemical industry, the methanol is provided from the natural gas and through using the reforming gas synthesis process. During this natural gas process at first the Hydrogen and Carbon monoxide will be fractured and in the next step theses gases will be recreated in methanol molecule form again. The methanol gas is applied as the raw materials in petrochemical downstream industries, clean fuel and also in many other industries.  The most important application of methanol in industry are including the Formaldehyde manufacturing, acetic acid manufacturing and consumable acetate cellulose in textile industry, providing MTBE to improve the level of calm burning, oil and providing the DME (Dimethyl ether) to exchange the diesel fuel, mixing with the oil for automobile fuel and manufacturing the ethylene and propylene as the raw materials of the petrochemical industry.

Methanol Applications

Now the Methanol is using as the raw material in petrochemical downstream industries, clean fuel and also the many other industries of the major is indicated as specified herein below:

  • Manufacturing the Formaldehyde to provide MDF & Plywood
  • Manufacturing the Resin Melamine to provide the type of containers, socket keys and the type of industrial glues
  • Manufacturing the acetic aside to provide VAM and Acetate cellulose in textile industries
  • Providing the Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMAA) to manufacture the types of laminates
  • Providing MTBE to improve the calm burning level of the oil
  • Providing the DME (Dimethyl ether) to exchange the diesel fuel
  • Mixing with oil for automobile fuel
  • Manufacturing the ethylene & propylene as the raw materials in petrochemical industries

Methanol in Daily Life

  • Solvents & Colors
  • Safety Glass Laminate
  • Foam Dashboard
  • Clean Fuel
  • Thermoplastic Parts Such as: Gears, Pomp, Injectable Parts, Fuse
  • Glass Washer Fluid
  • Bode Panel
  • Lights Lens
  • Shield
  • Coating Colors
  • Isolator inside the door
  • Sofa Foam Mattress Made by Polyurethane
  • Computer Disk
  • Solvents of LCD Screen Stain
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Decorative laminate Sheet
  • Kleenex
  • Fiber Board with Medium Density
  • Color