The sustainable production will be created by increasing the immune culture

Now, development has the direct relationship with removing the cultural immune challenges and those industries which could not reinforce the cultural immune basis or don’t have the richness of the culture of safety and scarifying the safety for manufacturing are condemned to expiration; and they will surrender with bafflement against the events and crisis; and theses industries which are get on through relying on rationality and training in framework of rules and provisions and the requirements will achieve the sustainable manufacturing and the global position promotion.

The following activities are some cases which caused the successfully in safety:

Performing the Programmed Inspections from All the Relevant Equipments and Systems to Safety & Fire Fighting        

  1. Supervision on all the executive activities of the complex in framework of the existing working bylaws
  2. The training of all the personnel from the employment time and in periodical form based on their executive activities
  3. Holding the exercises and providing the required facilities to ready and comfort with the emergency conditions
  4. Holding the meetings with the different levels of the organization and contractors in respect of the related cases with safety
  5. Regional and national cooperation in respect of the relevant programs execution with the safety status improvement
  6. Supervision on the contractor’s safety to sure about the immune principles execution and creation the suitable competitive space
  7. Issuance the corrective and preventive acts and following the incompatibility of safety removing
  8. Performance all the relevant activities with the safety management of the process and relying on the scientific and engineering principles in safety