Urea Resin & Melamine Formaldehyde

Urea resin and melamine formaldehyde (Amino-resins) are the most important members of resin family which are resulted from the multi-condensation reaction of a compound holder of amino groups (such as urea or melamine) with one Aldehyde (such as formaldehyde).

From the most important amino compounds which are used in making the amino-resins is the urea and melamine.

Theses resins which are opaque with the high viscosity, are provided from the amino compounds and formalin reactions in the determined temperature and PH and is applied very much in the variety industries including the providing of the decorative sheets, textile, paper manufacturing, anti-wrinkle clothes, cotton and rayon products and the molded parts such as the electrical isolators and the kitchen appliances. Because of the good turnover and the suitable price, the amino- resins has the vast application in the glue manufacturing and these resins are used very much to stick the wood fibers in MDF, HDF and chipboards industries.