Arta Clic, The First & Only producer of laminate flooring tiles in Iran

This product is holder of 10 years guarantee for residential consumption and 5 years guarantee for the administrative and commercial consumption.

In case of occurrence any type of problem based on the mentioned cases in guarantee card, Arta Industrial Group will be proceeded to remove the problem or represent the sound parquet laminate with the same design or the similar design with the same Rials value.

Meanwhile thanking to your choice,  Arta Industrial Group has submitted this product with the mentioned capabilities:

  1. Resistance to Burnout: The surfaces of the parquets laminate sheets of Arta will all its concinnity is renitent against the erosion. (the surface erosion is creation the rusty points with the size more than 1 cm
  2. Resistance to Discoloration: The surfaces of Arta parquets laminate are renitent against discoloration resulted from exposure to indirect rays of the sun or the ordinary artificial light.
  3. Resistance to Smear: The surfaces of Arta parquets laminate are renitent against the poured smears on the parquet.
  4. Coherence & Stability of Connector: Arta parquets laminate are separable and can be installed for three times or can be separated easily to exchange the damaged parts.

The applied parts of Clic Parquet Laminate based on the European standard EN133291685 is for using in the private and public areas. Its applied level is 23/31 and it means than can use the floor covering in the private areas with the high traffic and in public areas with the balanced erosion.

The validity of this guarantee is depended to representing this card and legal documents of purchase.

To better use and increasing the product lifetime, try to preserve and maintain it clean.

* Installation should be done by the authorized installer and based on the defined standard.

* To observe the accurate maintenance and the transportation points

* The Rials value of the installed flooring cover will be safe.

The cases of this product which will not be guaranteed:

* Any fault in the installation steps or the damaged resulted from carrying and ruggedness of the surface of the installation place based on the report of Arta Industrial Group report

* The events resulted from incorrect using the product such as scratch and notch on its surface by the sharp and winning objects; hitting or falling the heavy objects; excrescence or damaged resulted from abrasion by the objects such as sands

* Non-observing the methods of using, cleaning, precaution acts and high traffic into the defined condition

* Falling and non-cleaning the water of the surface and leakage out the water to the lower levels of the products and washing the product with the chemical washer materials